Double Pom Pom Hats, Coke & Phone Cases: Mass Produced Marvels

Fashion has created some strange things over the years.

Have you ever had a clear out of your room and been baffled by an accessory or item buried beneath your things?

In the 21st century we are surrounded by more mass produced goods than ever before. Every where you look you’ll see items that, instead of being lovingly created by a person, has in fact been assembled by the cool, inefficient arms of a robot. So much of what we use today has been made by machines it really does beg the question as to how long it will be until we’re even needed. Spooky.

This is beside the point I’m trying to make though. Despite the fact that we might well be living in a world that is slowly drowning in plastic and fumes, there is still beauty and meaning to be derived from even the most common place of mass produced items.

It might seem silly or unnecessary to ogle, dote upon and obsess over such simple items, but the truth is that, as many museums of design prove, within each and every one of these items is a vision that has been created by a human. Therefore, regardless of what item you are looking at, it is in some way a human creation that has been crafted in the same way that a sculpture or piece of pottery would have been.

We’re going to take a look at a few of common place, mass produced items and decide if they’re worth the materials they’ve been made of and, if so, what they mean:

Double Pom Pom Hat

The pom pom hat has been around for a long time, ever since the advent of hats, in fact. At its most basic it must be a woollen garment that can be stretched over the wearer’s head with a completely unnecessary decorative pom pom on top. By itself it’s a useful object that arguably needs no adornment, but you have to admit that they look pretty cool! There are probably more pom pom hats in the world than people, but these double pom pom hats have taken the concept and pushed into the realms of high-end fashion.


More than 1.9 billlion Coke drinks are consumed every day. That’s a heck of a lot of sugar and a lot of rotten teeth for sure, but have you every considered how many cans and bottles of the stuff must exist on a day-to-day basis? If you think about Coke that lies in storage, that is being delivered and that’s sitting in supermarkets the physical amount of individual cans/bottles/crates is truly mind boggling. The iconic red and white imagery, despite its age, has not grown to actually mean anything else though, other than big brand money and the power of corporations.

Rubberised phone cases

Those of you who are old enough to remember a time where not every single person owned an iPhone, when mobile phones were simply things we used to call or text each other and nothing else. In those halcyon days, teenagers set themselves apart from their mates by buying fascias for their Nokia 3310s. For a long time, with the proliferation of iPhones and other standard design smart phones, it seemed the day of the novelty phone case that is until the Moschino fries case and Luis Vuitton Eye-Trunk hit the market in 2017 – since then the phone has become front and centre in the world of accessorising. After all, if it’s in your hands all day it may as well look good!