How We Work

Open Art is a fully inclusive, privately funded arts-based health initiative.

Have you ever wondered if you’ve got an artistic talent hiding within yourself?

Many people believe that you have to be somehow special to be capable of doing art. Thousands of people go through their whole lives wishing and hoping that they could somehow realise their dreams of becoming a painter, writer or actor. They spend their days working away in jobs that they don’t fully enjoy, whilst dreaming of another life where they feel fulfilled and satisfied.

If you’re one of these people, trapped in a mental prison of your own creation, with your life seemingly flashing before your eyes, then you might want to consider Open Art’s philosophy.

Open Art mean’s just that.

Art is a mode of self-expression that we believe anyone can take part in. Whether it’s something as simple as writing a poem or joining a group of musicians for a jam session, we believe that no person should feel excluded from taking part in an activity such as this.

Relying entirely on the contributions of our practitioners, we are a group of performers, writers and artists who are constantly trying to inspire ordinary people into taking an active role in the way they enjoy Art. This goes far beyond simply playing regular gigs and bringing culture into people’s lives. Our practitioners believe that it is their responsibility to not just perform, but also to inspire.

By inspiring non-creatives to embark on their own artistic endeavours, our practitioners hope to show these aspiring artists that there is not so much of a discrepancy between their realised visions of themselves as artists and the way they are now.

Engaging with Art creation also aids individuals in self-expression of their inner thoughts and desires.

The ordinary person’s approach to communication is that they will often avoid talking about the most important things in favour for trivial matters that are simply much easier to talk about. By being given free reign to create Art, ordinary folks are given a chance to express themselves in a way that might prove more effective than simply talking.

Ultimately, by introducing the concept of art creation to the uninitiated, we hope to improve their mindset and mental stability.

The creation of Art is, after all, the ultimate mode of expression. Beyond words, which some do not completely have control over, Art is something that anyone can do – most people simply need to be given the confidence to do the hardest things and start.

Do you feel like you have some nascent artistic talent that is yet to be tapped? Or do you like the idea of ushering new performers into the world of Art?

Get in touch with us today, to see if there’s a practitioner working in your local area!